Custom glass and steel divided light partitions for your space.


We offer high-end steel and glass divided light partition systems for your office or home, each crafted and built in Philadelphia, PA. Using modern manufacturing technology, we've developed unique production techniques, and implemented turnkey installation to produce to the highest quality and deliver quickly. Our systematic install drastically reduces lead times, and ultimately offers a high quality final product at competitive price points. Choose from our products, or work with our design team to create a customized divided light solution.


Our Process

Initial Engineering Drawings

section 1 joint rendering.211.jpg

Step 1

Using provided drawings or an initial site measure and consultation, we record the parameters of the space and begin our initial design process. We will provide an initial drawing set of the proposed wall system. Renderings of the space can be added to the process to help guide creative, and gain an understanding of finish options. Our turn around time for a proposal and initial drawing set is 1-2 weeks depending on the project.

  • Provide architectural drawings or floor plan of space

  • Selection of product, hardware, and desired finish options

  • Agreement of onsite conditions that will affect overall design

Site Consultation and Measure


Step 2

Once initial drawings are approved, an onsite consultation can be scheduled to determine final site conditions and gather finalized measurements. Using these measurements we will produce a drawing set ready for approval.

  • Schedule onsite consultation for finalized site measurements

  • Detailed fabrication drawings will be submitted for approval prior to production

Production and Installation


Step 3

Approval of our finalized drawing set will move the project directly into production. Once complete, all parts will be delivered to the job site and installed systematically. Depending on the size of the project, production can take 4-8 weeks, and installation can 2-4 weeks.

  • Flexible installation options


Series Options


Finish Options


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